Enneatype test inspired by RHETI v2.5 (144 questions)

This is a free and anonymous test, no private information is required. Estimated time to pass: 30 minutes.

The results are analyzed automatically and displayed instantly.

Acuracy is higher than 80% if the answers are honest.

You may take the test again later in your life if you hesitate, the average results over time will fit the real you more and more.

No third party cookies and scripts are used to track you or sell you stuff. The results are only stored for internal scientific research.

The RHETI (Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator) v2.5 is the latest available version of the most acurate enneagram typing test (you can find more infos about the enneagram here). You may also find on the enneagraminstitute.com site a similar test you can pass for $12 they also sell books such as "The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator", "The Wisdom Of The Enneagram" and also "Discovering Your Personality Type: The Essential Introduction to the Enneagram, Revised and Expanded"

Still, this test is not 100% perfect, humans being humans and often having a non acurate image of themselves.
It remains the most acurate one, far more than the RHETI sample and other tests with less than 20 questions, also this is the only test that has been scientifically checked, a paper published in 2001 found an average acuracy of 72%.
This acuracy is however closely correlated (positively) to the integration level of the subject, their implication in answering to the questions, and their truthfulness in the answers chosen (please keep in mind that no type is better than any other and none of the propositions that will be given to you are morally or technically true or false, wrong or good).

You are about to be provided with a list of questions with two propositions for each. Please pick the one that fits you the best, most of the time, and across your life. Please don't try to choose the one you like most or seems "better".
It is best to read carefully both sentences before answering. Taking your life when you were 20 to 25 years old and answering spontaneously (the results are better with such answers, don't overanalyze the questions and try to find the one instance you didn't even remember at first)
Please be honest in the answers, you're taking this test alone, noone is judging or will be judging you, no personally identifiable data will be requested. The only risk in giving answers that are not you is that you'll get results taht don't fit the real you and you'll also have lost 30 minutes of your time...

If you hesitate on one question, fill in the others and come back to it later. If you still can't choose a definite answer to it, you can leave it blank (between 2 and 5 pairs won't apply to you at all). When you're done, please click on . Your results will then be processed according to the RHETI v2.5 methodology (taken from Don Riso et Richard Hudson books) and you'll be redirected to the results and links for free online ressources that could be of interest to you.